BLOG 2017


This year’s weekend at Goodwood Motor racing circuit featured a dozen races, including one for motorcycles, and three demonstration runs that proved every bit as head-turning as the competitive action...
Goodwood members meeting has been open to the public with a limited supply of tickers for four years now, the parades celebrated three of the most iconic periods in motorsport history. These included prototypes, GT1 cars and group A touring cars, with Formula 1 legend Gerhard Berger at the wheel. The day is a much more relaxed affair then the popular Revival and Festival of Speed that take place in the Summer months, mainly due to the weather and also the exclusivity of the event.

On the Saturday their were plenty of parade laps and qualifying for the motor sport races that would take place on Sunday. Photography wise I just had the Nikon D4S and Sigma 85mm art lens, seems to be a mainstay on the camera these days, Its nice to just use one focal length as it makes you work that bit harder for the image, the lens is pin sharp throughout and with the wide open apertures makes the subject more prominent against the busy backdrops. Although it was an overcast day it didn't rain and the weather worked well for the motor sport photography and static images, looking forward to the 76th members meeting next March.