BLOG 2017


Friday morning and a trip to London to cover some corporate portraiture for the Shipowners' Club. A variety of locations were used, including the Oxo Twoer restaurant along London's Southbank,,,
The Shipowners’ Club is a mutual insurance association. It offers Protection & Indemnity , Legal Costs Cover and associated insurances to smaller and specialist vessel owners, operators and charterers around the world. As a mutual association, the Club is owned and governed by its Members.
They have a wide spread of Members across a range of vessel types, operating sectors and geographical areas.

I covered portraits of over 100 of the companies staff two years ago, today was a refresh for the management team, rather then using an office backdrop it was agreed beforehand to use the London skyline as a backdrop, bringing the studio outside meant using location lighting. The Profit B2 is a new addition to the kit bag, more portable then the B1 and with 250 watts of full power it has plenty of light to work for corporate portraits. Using the high speed sync function I was able to use a shallow depth of field combined with a fast shutter speed to soften the background, using the TTL function also lets the B2 put the right amount of lighting through, on a few occasion I went over to manual when I was looking to control the lighting for the Shard images.