BLOG 2017


Land Rover have been the biggest name worldwide when it comes to four wheel drive vehicles, their reputation for making luxury cars that have the very best off road performance is legendary. So when a new model comes out its a very important occasion...
Four wheel drive vehicles are one of the biggest sectors in the automotive industry at the moment, it has to be said that a lot of the SUV's probably don't have a great deal of off road capability but most of these cars will only mount the pavement on the school run. If you need a proper car with of road capability then the new Land Rover Discovery is the best out there, now with seven seats as standard, a vast loadspace which turns in to a van with all seats folded and jaw dropping off road capabilities.

One of the biggest markets for the Discovery is the equestrian market, great towing capabilities with the comfort of a luxury saloon combine to make the new model the perfect all rounder car you could ever need. The new model has much smoother and rounded lines then its predecessor, it also drives more like a saloon car, direct steering and the 240ps diesel engine in the car I borrowed from Barretts Land Rover had enough power to cope with some country roads and motorway driving with poise and grace.

The location for todays car photography shoot was just outside of Canterbury at a stable yards, Elizabeth and Tim met me there with their horse Rocky, combining the equestrian theme gave more of a lifestyle feel to the images. Lighting was with the pair of Profoto B1 and B2 lights, they really come in to their element when you can move them around so freely without long cables and allowed individual lighting for the horse and Discovery. With the demo model I borrowed being a metallic black the lights were important on a bright sunny morning to lift the vehicle from the background. The new Discovery is available now and is on sale from just under £44,000, if you want a car that does everything then it is all the car you could ever need,