BLOG 2017


During the Summer every year Brooklands Museum host a celebration of Super cars and sports cars, this brings together classics, modern day poster cars and the odd Formula 1 car of yesteryear...
Brooklands Museum has recently had the old start finish straight restored, with lottery funding it now provides a vast paddock to fit in the cars that were on display today. The day is split up into three parts, static displays, the a pre lunch set of laps around the Mercedes-Benz test track next door and then runs up the formidable test hill. There are always a great turn out of Ferrari's, but this year the addition of the new Honda NSX, Noble and some other exotica made up a great collection of cars for everyone to photograph and savour over.

The real highlight of the day is seeing the cars lap around the test circuit, situated next door at Mercedes-Benz it allows the drivers to open up the cars on the straight and also to hear the engines scream through the gears. The highlight had to be a trio of 80's Grand Prix cars, most notably John Reak's Nelson Piquet Benetton, a regular attendee and one that never disappoints the crowds. I just used the 85mm Sigma art lens today, with media access to the side of the track the prime lens focal length was never a problem and it always provides pin sharp results.