BLOG 2017


Ronart designed the W152 sports car in 1981, with production starting in 1986. A modern take on the front engined Formula 1 cars of the 1940s and 1950s. Todays car photography shoot took place at Brooklands Museum...
The W152's style is based on that of the front-engined Formula 1 cars of the 1940s and 1950s. The external exhaust system and "hump style" headrest are key design features of a car from that era. The W152 design however is not a copy but an original design with a reflection of many styles of cars from that era.

The MK1 chassis was originally designed by Spyder Engineering, who had made chassis for Lotus in the past. Like many Lotus cars, the W152 uses a backbone chassis. So, the chassis narrows in the centre, at the transmission tunnel and spreads out to all 4 corners. The MK 2 cars, produced since 1996 featured the chassis redesigned and built in-house. The chassis is normally powder coated or enameled in black. The power comes from a Jaguar engine, with three different options available.

Alan who owns this British Racing Green Ronart is a regular visitor to my car courses at Brooklands Museum, today was an opportunity to spend some time with this rare car at the birthplace of British Motorsport. On a bright sunny day I kept the lighting simple, courtesy of the Profoto B2 location flash. I also took advantage of Alan's retro race attire and used him as a model to give a more racing style to the photos. This was also my first opportunity to use the recently refurbished start finsih straight that had just been opened at the museum.