BLOG 2018


Sometimes all of those incidental jobs don't get mentioned on my blog, quiet a few recently which include headshot for a solicitors, property photography, plus work for the Post Office and Shepherd Neame brewery...
Public relations photography covers such a wide area and is often short notice, due to the timescales involved of properties being completed, availability of clients and also the weather. The work shown has been for local and national clients. The Post Office always require photography for new sites opening and also for general news stories. Shepherd Neame's public house in Tunbridge, the Cock Horse had a new landlord in and the photos had to be taken i time for a press release and update on the website.

Other work was for Arkay building company who have just restored some new flats in Faversham and Folkestone, as soon as the work is completed I need to go in to cover the interior photos prior to anyone moving in and also after the properties have been cleaned fully. Headshot are always in the diary, again for a mix of clients, architects, estate agents, solicitors, in fact anyone who needs to update their profile or is starting a new role at one of my clients.