BLOG 2018


Spent a morning in the office today covering some product photography for automotive detailing company, Auto Useful and their brand of cleaning products Protex World...
AutoUseful is based in East Kent, where the company founder (John Somer) has been working in the motor industry for more than 25 years. In search of a new challenge, he decided to set up AutoUseful for car owners and drivers who want great value, service and the best car care and comfort products. I have known John for nearly twenty years now and he was one of my first ever clients back in 2005, he has built the brand Protea World in to a niche detailing product for the classic and modern car owner, the products are also produced in the UK as well and have a very distinct and median brand to them.

The product photography in the studio today was to photograph the leather cleaner and restorer bottles as well as a seat base that had a before and after treatment to it, lighting was set up with the trio of Profoto flash units, the addition of the hand held A1 gave a great deal of flexibility for the images as it can be hand held or set up on a small tripod.