BLOG 2018


Always difficult to photograph your own car as you are fitting it in between other shoots on location, then the weather isn't right or the location doesn't work. So after 6 months of ownership I have managed to piece together some photos of my Lexus RC Coupe,,,
The Lexus RCT model is powered by a 250 PS 2 litre turbo engine, the majority of the range are purchased in the Hybrid model, in fact 99% of Lexus ownership is hybrid. The RCT sports coupé has everything on it as standard, Remote Touch Interface, heated and air cooled seats, front and rear sensors including camera and Pre-Crash Safety. The only additions are the excellent Mark Levinson 17 speaker Dolby surround hi-fi, electric sunroof and upgraded navigation, all which is on my car.

The car was developed on the Nürburgring, the world’s most demanding racetrack, this groundbreaking sports coupé features an extraordinarily rigid chassis and race- tuned suspension, I have to admit the CVT gearbox linked to the hybrid isn't a great set up for a car that looks like the RC. In terms of luxury and comfort the RC Coupe is one of the best out there, I had a 4 series BMW and the Lexus has the edge in terms of build quality, ride and a relaxed feel to the ride. I love the styling of the RC, the pearlescent white does need careful lighting to make it come to life in pictures and the middle shot taken in the aviation field at Brooklands is one of my favourites to date. For me looks like a Japanese Mustang, it has some great design cues to it and I love the addition of the analogue clock in the central dashboard.

The next model up from this is the RCF,a 5 litre V8 muscle car that has the addition of mud exhausts and almost double the power output, yet to drive one of these but expect it to be a change from the BMW M4 and Merc C63 in terms of refinement, handling wise it might be a different story as it is a much heavier car. With the Germans now using turbo power though the V8 is going to become an even rarer commodity, well done to Lexus for flying the flag still.