BLOG 2018


Eastwell Manor was the location for the brand new Jaguar EPace for Barretts Jaguar, the Mini SUV is a compact and sports orientated car that defies its rugged looks with a drive and handling of a hot hatch...
This model supplied by Barretts Jaguar is the top of the range HSE model, finished in the stunning caesium blue metallic the car has a real presence. Champneys hotel and spa chain purchased Eastwell Manor just over a year ago, the beautiful backdrop of lush greens, historic buildings and the addition of some winter sunshine made for the perfect location.

The various settings made for a real variety of images, the fountain in the foreground gave a mix of the sunshine and water, the high speed shutter synced with the Profoto lighting froze the water just eneough so that the car was still clear in the frame, the beauty of no cables allowed for the three lights to be positioned behind the fountain and just off to the left of the car. I used the 24-60mm lens for interiors and wider shots of the EPace, the other images were taken with the full frame Sigma 85mm art lens, the perfect lens for car photography as it gives you enough distance away from the subject, minimising reflections.

The Jaguar EPace starts from £28,500 and with design cues from the Ftype sports coupe this car inside and out really stands out form the other SUV’s in the market place, especially with its fully independent suspension system which allows great turn in and smooth and responsive handling. The demonstrator model that I had in HSE spec has pretty much everything on it, full leather, large 12" navigation and infotainment display, keyless entry, electric powered tailgate and the excellent ZF automatic gearbox.

A big thank you to Eastwell Manor in Ashford Kent for allowing me to use its magnificent setting, and also to Barretts Jaguar who are in Ashford and Canterbury for the loan of ten vehicle, and also to Alan Swain for assisting on the day!