BLOG 2018


London is full of amazing locations for photography, especially the Brick Lane area where numerous amazing artwork adorns the streets from graffiti artists, today I was working with professional model Anusha...
Today was an opportunity to cover some portfolio portrait for myself and Anusha, this was a test shoot so a good chance to work together prior to any commercial photo shoots. I packed light with the D4S, 50mm 1.4 Sigma art lens and the 24-70mm wide zoom, as I was unsure of the weather I wanted to have some options for shooting indoors so the portable Profoto A1 was on hand, easy to use hand held as an off camera studio light, or on camera as a more flexible flashgun.

The locations were just on a short strip around Shoredutch, using some of the lanes off of Brick lane itself, although it was cold and the light was flat the sky still had some colour and detail in it, using the high speed sync function on the A1 allowed me to shoot at a fast shutter speed and shooting at a very shallow depth of field. The indoor photography was covered at Monty's Bra, full of amazing artwork and some great decorative pieces around the bar and seating areas.