BLOG 2018


Between marking photography student assignments at Kent University i've been able to fit in some car photo shoots, Daniel Cramphorn, owner of Broad Oak Performance in Canterbury asked me to photograph his stunning Aston DBS...
Finished in Lightning Silver this ten year old Aston Martin DBS still looks like it could have come off of the production line yesterday, its a great design that just never ages. The DBS was the performance version of the DB9, it had the 5.9 litre V12 engine and produces 510 bhp, 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and this model is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes as well, along with a six speed manual gearbox making it the purists choice. The car also has carbon fibre throughout, making it as lightweight as possible along with lightweight aluminium wheels. Aston even made the carpet with a light weight weave.

This DBS model was first seen in James Bond 2006 film Casino Royale, Daniel Craig's debuted as well in the 007 role. The car also appeared in the 2008 follow up Quantum of Solace in the opening sequence where it is a car chase around Lake Garda. Photographing Aston Martin's is always a joy as they have so many distinctive design cues, the side vent with chrome fin, the swoop of the tailgate with the integrated spoiler and of course the stunning paintwork on this particular model.

We went to a location near Daniel's home, the village of Sheldwich Lees just outside of Faversham and Canterbury. The Village Green and tree lined backdrops provided a tranquil setting for the Aston, lighting wise I used the powerful Profoto B1 with the compact A1 as a second fill light, shooting with and against the Sun I had to vary the lights power and used the 70-2200 alongside the 24-70mm lenses for a variety of view points.