BLOG 2018


Susie Cassagne is in preparation for a white water kayaking trip down to the Alps later this year, the best facilities in the area is the Lee Valley white water centre, located in Essex and was built for the Olympics back in 2012...
In July 2018 Susie will be embarking on a white water kayaking trip in the French Alps to raise £10,000 for the Blackthorn Trust. Most people wouldn’t embark on this kind of adventure without having spent at least a couple of years learning the necessary techniques, whereas Susie has just 6 months to prepare herself. The money raised will go towards the building of a new physic garden, a beautiful and peaceful space, generously designed by landscape architect Marian Boswall, which will benefit not only our service users but also the local community.

This was the fourth photography session which also became the first covering Susie's preparations, after a few months she is getting to grips with tackling more of the course and importantly learning about safety techniques as well. I also met up with David Abra who is documenting Susie's adventure from the start to the end. It was an overcast evening which suited the nature of the photogprahy, water always acts as a giant reflector and using the 70-200mm lens I had scope to zoom in and out of the action.