BLOG 2018


I have just covered a three month period as a guest lecturer on Digital photography and image editing for the University of Kent, teaching the fundamentals of photography, both theory and practical to over seventy students has been great fun...
This has been my second week of lectures, with two groups who were keen to find out more about photography, from the very basics to putting together a full studio set up. The students have ten areas for their final photographic portfolio to cover, a single image needs to cover a wide range of subjects which include portraits, landscape, nature and photojournalism photography. Each lesson covers a brief overview of each subject along with a practical element, the main focus using the Nikon DSLR's in manual modes.

Looking at the final submissions with fellow lecturer Mike Green was very interesting, see the diversity from each student on the ten subjects shows the imagination and creativity across the group. I was in awe of some of the final photos, great imagination and a lot of thought had gone in to the final images. With the course taking place in the Winter the studio at EDA was the base for the lessons, for some of the students it was the first time using a DSLR as well as setting up a studio. Look forward to next years guest lecturing at the University and learning some more myself.