BLOG 2018


Doctor Rocio von Lungenfeld is a lecturer at the University of Kent, today I took a series of portraits of her at the Engineering and Digital Arts studio where she is a researcher and lecturer. The images will be used for staff profiles, press releases and on the new University website...
Rocio is a creative practitioner, media researcher and Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Kent. She is part of the Intelligent Interactions research group, and her research interests are collaborative media production, contemporary and interdisciplinary art, hybrid environments, outdoor and mobile projections, and interaction design. Today the portraits were of her mobile projection installations which will be presented in Germany as an art installation in July this year.

Dr Rocio von Lengenfeld has presented an artistic, collaborative and research work internationally at venues in Singapore, Germany, Belgium, USA and also at the Edinburgh International Science Festival & Edinburgh International Festival. The photography took place in the film and production studio at the Kent University campus, coincidentally where I have just been lecturing. I had access to all of the lighting set ups in the studio but decided to just use the subtle but flexible Profoto A1, I just wanted to use a small amount of light as the projections that Rocio was using needed to be a prominent part of the overall image. The Sigma 50mm Art lens when paired to the Nikon D850 is a real pleasure to use, it is so sharp and in low light conditions never fails to focus, plus the results are always crisp. The Profoto A1 was used off camera and on a lighting stand, this gave me flexibility to use it exactly where I needed to, with the manual zoom on the unit being set to a narrow beam to limit any light spill.