BLOG 2018


Kent County Cricket Club have ben running successful youth squads for many years, with the programmes they run their aim is to show the youngsters how a professional team operates and over two days a photo shoot was arranged in two Kent venues...
Sports photography is always about the promotion of the action and hero portraits of the star players, with this in mind I wanted to create some more dramatic portraits of the boys and girls youth performance squads, the harsh sunlight was backlighting the players with the Profoto B1 and Profoto B2 flash systems lighting the cricketers and creating some well lit portraits. The location at Kent College’s cricket ground worked well, especially with the landmark of the water tower in the background.

The session ended with a large group photograph of the youngsters in the centre of the County cricket ground with the grandstands in the background, again a single light lit the team with the sun providing backlighting, the advantage of the Profoto B1 is its vast 500 watt power output, the B2 is 250 watts and compliments it’s larger partner adding a subtle fill light.