BLOG 2018


Wedding photography has always been a small part of my business, I only cover around six weddings a year and always through clients, friends or recommendations. With the Royal Wedding on today I thought i'd share some of my photos from the last couple of years...
Photography coverage of weddings across the Uk has seen me cover in excess of 150 weddings since I started my automotive and commercial business thirteen years ago, the majority have been clients or friends where they want a more informal and relaxed feel to the photos taken on the day. I've covered weddings in Hampshire, Kent, London, Surrey and even as far afield as Aberdeen. Over the years the number I cover is fewer and this makes the day more personal as the clients are people I have known for a number of years.

My wedding website can be found at which runs through my approach and outlines the style of photography covered, covering commercial work over the years I can adapt to the clients style easily and this makes the photos more bespoke and not in a uniform style.