BLOG 2018


Saturday afternoon and an annual visit to cover the photography at the Chatham historic dockyard for the University of Kent's fine art degree show...
This exhibition offers the public a fascinating insight into contemporary art’s most recent practices and processes such as autobiographical explorations of racial identity, a new company specialising in post-pandemic survival spaces, an interactive unspooling of VHS memories, a visualisation of the experience of Parkinson’s disease, a carpet as invasive species suffocates creativity, the wreckage of a rogue communications satellite continues to operate via fractured light, and a child’s reading of space through play creating a new architectural narrative are just some of the themes and media brought together by our artists.

The show is always diverse and the students produce some imaginative and thought provoking pieces of art, whether through the medium of traditional art, photography, video , sculpture or real life scenarios, it is great visually to see and also to photograph.