BLOG 2018


Clear Cleaning company are a brand new client, the business has just been started up by owner Josh and with a new website on the way he contacted me for some bespoke imagery rather then relying on stock photos...
The commercial photography took place at the companies offices in Manston, Kent. The large atrium and other offices in the building where they have clients worked really well for space and allowed me to compose the required banner style images for the website, these can then be cropped as a panoramic if required for phone and tablet devices.

In terms of lighting I used the Profoto A1 off camera studio flash, this was ideal due to its size and compactness to add some fill in light on the Clear Cleaning company staff as they were working in the modern environment. Lens wise I used the Sigma 50mm Art lens, with its wide open aperture range it allowed for a mix of artificial and ambient light to work together.