BLOG 2018


Brooklands Museum hosted its annual supercar day on Saturday, the show always has a wide range of classic and modern sports cars with a very strong contingent of Italian exotics, courtesy of organisers Auto Italia magazine...
The day is split up into three parts, static displays, then a pre lunch set of laps around the Mercedes-Benz test track next door and then runs up the formidable test hill. There are always a great turn out of Ferrari's, but this year the addition of the new Lamborghini Urus SUV was a real bonus as this car has just been turning up at showroooms, Aston Martin and some other exotica made up a great collection of cars for everyone to photograph and savour over.

The real highlight of the day is seeing the cars lap around the test circuit, situated next door at Mercedes-Benz it allows the drivers to open up the cars on the straight and also to hear the engines scream through the gears. My job is to document the day and to capture the visitors, owners and a glimpse of the cars on display and in action. Two prime lenses were used today, 50mm 1.4 and the 300mm f4, making me work for the photos as I usually tend to sue the flexible 70-200mm for these events.