BLOG 2018


Ford brought out the Fiesta hatchback in 1976, 42 years on and its one of the most successful cars of all time. Continuing their tradition of producing hot hatches the ST model has been introduced in to the new model line up, the previous model was hailed as one of the all time great by the motoring journey...
The key to a hot hatch is a small package with plenty of power, affordable and a hoot to drive. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the reduction of the engine output was a strange choice by Ford, from 1.6 to 1.5 litres and a three cylinder ecoboost unit seems a backwards step. In this era of emissions and economy Ford has produced a firecracker of an engine. The car cleverly cuts down one cylinder when cruising around to save fuel and will return 45mpg on the motorway, and on this test mid 30's during some exuberant driving around some coastal and Kent country roads.

The range starts from £18,995 for the ST1, the ST2 gives you some more refinement for £20k and then the addition of a performance pack gives you a Quaife Limited Slip Differential, Launch Control and Performance Shift Lights. Having had some hot hatches over the years it always feels good getting back behind the wheel of one, sure the new ST is a lot more refined than the previous model and certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the mid 90's XR@i my wife had, they have become all rounders, comfortable, especially with the Recaro's, climate control and reversing sensors make the car ideal for day to day trips. Then when you have the right stretch of road you can really stretch its legs, 197bhp and 214Ib ft of torque make this car feel a lot quicker than it really is due to its size and the balance of the ride through corners.

The car has a precise six speed gearbox, sticky Michelin tyres which are bespoke to the ST and Ford Performance have played a key part in putting the engine package of this car together. The Ford Performance Blue is exclusive to the Fiesta ST and finished with the 18" 5 spoke alloy wheels which are machine finished the car really stands out, Apple car play is also standard and the large 4.2" TFT infotainment screen is perfectly placed in the line of sight of the driver. All in all i'm really impressed wit the current ST, people will argue the previous model was a more hardcore car but the hot hatch has always appealed to all ages and the comfier ride and damping of this model make it a great all rounder, therefore you should have no reason not to buy one!

In terms of the car photography locations were Bridge, Hythe and some country lanes outside of Folkestone. The main images were taken at the Indiepedaler, situated just outside of Canterbury this is a hidden gem and produces the best coffee outside of London. Lighting wise the Profoto gear came out to produce some subtle lighting, the large B1 added with the compact A1 lit the underside of the Fiesta and light to the 18" alloys, it was an overcast day but the addition of the field and coffee house added an urban feel to the shoot. Big thank you to Haynes of Maidstone for the loan of the car where this particular ST can be driven and obviously purchased from, for me the best all rounder out there at the moment.