BLOG 2018


In 1968, a certain Ford blazed its way onto the silver screen. That car was the Mustang GT Fastback. The movie was “Bullitt”. And as a star was born, history was made. Now, a 50th anniversary Mustang Bullitt revives that legend. With an upgraded 5.0-litre V8 engine, available Dark Highland Green paint and ultra-modern, performance inspired interior, this is a car destined to become an icon of its own...
Every so often a limited edition car makes an appearance, its very difficult to photograph these cars as the owners usually purchase them as an investment and getting the chance to capture them in a unique environment can be difficult. So today an early morning visit to the Haynes Ford pre delivery centre at Sheerness docks gave me the opportunity to capture the Bullitt Mustang in a secluded and unique spot.

The 2018 model year Mustang has just been introduced and the Bullitt edition comes in two colours only, linked to a 6 speed manual box and producing 470 bhp this is a true muscle car for the collector. The shoot took place just before 8am in the morning, with the sun low down and slowly lifting above the fort enclosure where I was based it made for a variety of images. Using the Profoto B1 and B2 as light sources gave me some light in the shadow areas and also allowed to highlight the Dark Highland Green paintwork that adorned Frank Bullitt's GT Mustang in the classic sixties film.

The car doesn't have the usual Mustang badging but unique Bullitt logos, these are on the steering wheel and on the rear of the boot, I liked the delete of any badges on the fromt grill as well making the car look really stealthy along with the black 5 spoke alloys. This is only one of two Bullitt editions that Haynes of Maidstone will be delivering this year so a real privilege to photograph it before one lucky customer collects the car.