BLOG 2018


Broad Oak motor group consist of Nissan, Suzuki and Volkswagen. The location for today’s car photography was in East Kent, and the purpose was to capture images of the companies makes in various settings for their websites and social media...
Early morning start outside the Turner Contemporary in Margate, we started with three hatchbacks, the Nissan Micra, VW Up GTi and the Suzuki Swift Sport. Then in the harbour arm a batch of SUV’s which brought together the Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara and VW Tiguan, the seas setting and city landscape behind the cars worked well for their sports utility and off road image. The trio of SUV's were then taken to Ramsgate Harbour, the Marina face a stunning backdrop to the group and individual car images.

After swapping the cars over back in Canterbury where Broad Oak group are based it was then off to the streets of the City centre, using the Marlowe Theatre as a backdrop the two cars used were the electric city cars, the Golf GTE which combines a petrol engine and the all electric Nissan Leaf. The metallic blue of the Golf was a nice contrast against the pearlescent white Leaf. After a busy morning we took the iconic Golf GTI and the pocket hatchback Suzuki Ignis to the best coffee shop in Canterbury, the Independant Pedaler, it’s wooden and rustic setting provides a typical Kent theme to the backdrop and also provided a much needed coffee or two.

Lighting was a combination of Profoto’s set up, the group photos were used with all three lights, and the duo and single shots with the A1 and B1. I love using these lights as they can be used on a stand or held by someone, meaning that the versatility of where the light is going is so easy to manipulate.