BLOG 2019


Another commission from Street Machine UK, this time in the form of a 1970's Vauxhall Firenza packing some American muscle power courtesy of a V8...
Street Machine is a car magazine that features owners and there modernised cars, Ian Turner's Vauxhall Firenza packing a huge V8 powered engine is an exceptional piece of engineering as apart from the engine it is very much a homer made project, along with a friend they have created a road car made for the drag strip.

The location was the Drill Hall car park at the University of Kent, having shot here before I knew with the forecast of rain that this would add an industrial feel to the photos, and also give us some cover when the heavens opened, fortunately this was an hour after we started so I managed to get the key images done. If anything the rain added to the mood of the battleship grey painted Firenza, and with some subtle lighting with the Profoto set up it created the cinematic feel hat I was after. The photos will feature in a future edition of Street Machine early next year.