About me

Got some help in the studio today… Reggie, my biggest critic!
Since childhood holidays in St. Ives, I have always felt a close affinity for Cornwall. Drawn by the wonderful coastline and quality of light, I have been living and painting near Falmouth since the late 1990's.

Although I started out as a landscape artist I enjoy a variety of subject matter and take great pleasure from painting portraits.

I work with the tension between painting in a loose, lively, colourful style and focusing on capturing the intricate patterns of what catches my eye. I find I am drawn to the subtleties and moods created by light on the land and sea.

I paint in oils and strive to create fresh, colourful and unique views of the natural world. I seek to bring my paintings alive with detail, from the intricate patterns in the waves to the texture of the cliffs and play of light and shadow on the landscape.

My style can be impressionistic, applying paint in bold, expressive marks, increasingly leaving it to the viewer to connect and make sense of the scene.

I enjoy sketching and painting outdoors when I can, returning to my studio to take pleasure in the process of experimenting with techniques and effects. I can always find new and exciting places in Cornwall to visit. I often like returning to the same haunts as no scene is ever quite the same, everything is always changing, particularly the light.